Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to Survival-Pax, your online Survival Community. We are primarily here for you, the Survival-Pax Community Member. Our core values are truth, honesty and integrity, which we strive to perfect, to offer you the best possible products, services, experience and knowledge. Our mission is to help prepare you for emergencies, so that after the dust settles and the smoke clears, you will come out alive. You owe it to yourself, to your family, to your loved ones, to be prepared.

Thinking about emergencies is not particularly fun, so many disregard preparing at all. We, the Survival-Pax Team, will do our best to help guide you through preparation for various emergencies, along with training you to prepare for unpredictable situations.

At the center of our survival philosophy is a set of important terms that you may or may not have thought about before. These are the three pillars which, we believe, form the foundation of Survival. The terms are:

  • Mindset
  • Skillset
  • Toolset

You need to build and solidify these three pillars to form the foundation of preparedness. Here, on the store page, you can find many of the items that you will need to secure the proper Toolset for an emergency situation. Your Mindset and Skillset can be strengthened through information learned in the other branches of the community, which will be explained below.

Currently, you are on the Survival-Pax Store site. The store will support the rest of the community. Our goal with Survival-Pax is to maintain a community which would offer the Mindset and Skillset that you need to survive. One of our key goals was to make this information freely available, so that all those who wanted to learn could do so. Our conclusion was to support the site through the financial support of a store. If you would like to support us, feel free to browse the products that we offer. Whether you are preparing for a camping trip, or trying to complete your 3-Day Emergency Pack, you will be able to find useful gear here at our store. Our prices will be low, and we will try to make the experience as simple and enjoyable as we can.

As explained, the store is only one of the branches available to you. Below you will find explanations of the other branches of the Survival-Pax Community.

We have a Blog, where you can read updates to the community:


We have a YouTube Page, where you can get to know the Survival-Pax Team, learn valuable skills and tips, watch product reviews, or various other fun videos that we will make:


We have a Facebook Page, where you can meet community members and read updates to the community:


We also have a Twitter Page, where you can receive short but frequent updates to the community:


For now, those are all the branches of the Survival-Pax Community. If you would like to see any changes done, or have a good idea, click on the Contact Us link. There is always room for improvement. Remember, Survival-Pax is here for You.

The Survival-Pax Team