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Break-Away Barrel Buckle

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Perfect for 550 Paracord Projects (lanyards, necklaces, etc.) these Break-Away Barrel Buckles are made out of high quality polymer.

These Barrel Buckles will pop open at about 10 lbs. of force. This is a must have for certain safety and tactical reasons, when the 550 lb breaking point of Paracord is just too strong.

Do not be afraid of choking or getting caught up due to your Paracord again. Add some Break-Away Barrel Buckles to your next 550 Paracord purchase today!

Instructions for Use:

To attach the Break-Away Barrel Buckle to standard 550 Paracord, first you need to gut the last 1.5 inches of the ends of your cord. Then feed the ends through both halves of the opened Barrel Buckle.

To secure the 550 Paracord within the buckle, tie a simple overhand knot. The gutted cord should be used to tie the knot. The thickness of the knot will then prevent the Paracord from slipping out of the buckle.

If you do not gut the 550 Paracord used to tie the knot, the knot will be to thick to fit within the buckle.

Weight 0.03 oz
Length 0.80 in
Diameter 0.41 in
Buckle Hole Size 0.16 in
Color Black
Material Polymer
Includes Barrel Break-Away Buckle

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  • : Kevin
    Just a quick tip, attach your paracord (or whatever) first then snap the buckles together. Trying to get these buckles apart with nothing attached can be quite hard.
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