Tramontina 18" Wood Handled Machete

Tramontina 18" Wood Handled Machete

Buy the Tramontina 18" Wood Handled Machete

Manufacturer: Tramontina
Mfr. Part #: 26621/018
UPC: 016017261013
Our price: $7.49
Stock Status: Out of stock

The Tramontina 18" Wood Handled Machete is an excellent and inexpensive chopper. Made in Brazil by Tramontina, a very popular knife and tool company in South America, this machete is inexpensive but cuts and chops with the best of them.

The 18" blade of this machete is adequate in length for most outdoors tasks, weighed forward for excellent chopping capability. The wooden handle is comfortable and provides a good grip. The blade has a full tang, with the wooden handle riveted in place.

This machete DOES NOT include a sheath. If you require a sheath, we recommend one of the Machete Sheaths that we sell.

The machete is a handy outdoor/wilderness tool and should definitely be something that you consider trying out if you haven't yet. Inexpensive, yet powerful, the Tramontina 18" Wood Handled Machete is a great way to discover the usefulness of a machete.


As with many machetes, to get a more useful edge, the factory edge has to be touched up and sharpened. This can easily be done with a metal file.

To sharpen, take the file and match the angle of the file to the factory edge of the machete. Move the file back and forth across the blade, while maintaining the proper edge angle.

Be careful when sharpening your machete because, if you're doing a good job, it will be sharp. Be sure to keep your hands, and anything that doesn't need cutting, away from the edge of the blade.

Be Smart and Be Safe!

Machete Weight 17.5 oz
Overall Machete Length 22.9 in
Blade Length 17.7 in
Blade Thickness 0.09 in
Blade Steel Carbon Steel
Edge Style Plain
Handle Length 5.2 in
Handle Thickness 0.91 in
Handle Material Wood
Includes 18" Wood Handled Machete

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  • : Paul D.
    Great product! I purchased this with the intent of working it hard on my property. It has surpassed my expectations. If I had to find something to complain about, it would be the handle and that's only because my hand is a bit big for it. I plan on taking a half round file and making a custom fit. For the price - can't be beat!

    Also - this came much faster than I expected. The invoice in the box had a hand written note from the packer. Good customer service goes a long way with me - I'll be ordering from Survival-Pax again when the need arises.
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