4Sevens Quark MiNi AA - R5 Edition

4Sevens Quark MiNi AA - R5 Edition

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Click HERE for the updated model, the FOURSEVENS Mini MA - Gen2.

The Quark MiNi AA by 4Sevens is a small, affordable and powerful flashlight option. It has the same easy-to-use interface as the Preon 1, but is more powerful and has a longer runtime.

Outputting a maximum of 90 lumens of light, the Quark MiNi AA is nothing to scoff at. In case you feel like taking a swim, intentionally or accidentally, the Quark MiNi AA is waterproof to IPX-8 standards (10 meters for 30 minutes).

Powered by only one AA battery, the Quark MiNi AA has three primary levels of output and three special modes of output, a feature not normally found on a flashlight of this size.

The output modes are:

Low (2.7 lumens, 60 hours)
Medium (25 lumens, 8 hours)
High (90 lumens, 1.3 hours)
Strobe (4 hours)
Beacon (High) (20 hours)
Beacon (Low) (100 hours)
S.O.S. (12 hours)

The tail end of the Quark MiNi AA is flat, allowing the flashlight to be stood up on its tail, also known as candle mode. This is great for illuminating a room.

The Quark MiNi AA comes with a lanyard, a split keyring, a AA battery and a spare o-ring. The flashlight's lens is also made of optical-grade glass, ensuring good light transmission.

If weight is a consideration, the Quark MiNi AA is a flashlight that you will definitely want to make part of your every day carry gear. Its size and versatility make it a must-have item for anyone searching for a small and powerful flashlight.

4Sevens flashlights come with a 10 Year Warranty against defects! Such an outstanding policy shows that 4Sevens is a company you can trust.


Operating your Quark MiNi AA is simple. Make sure its battery is inserted with the positive side (+) toward the head. Ensure that the tailcap is tightened. To turn the Quark MiNi AA on, tighten the bezel (the "head" of the light) fully down. The Quark MiNi AA will turn on when the bezel is fully tightened, and turn off when the bezel is loosened.

Selecting Regular Outputs:

To select a different level of constant output, turn the Quark MiNi AA off and then on again within 1 second. This will select the next level of constant output in the following sequence:

Low Medium High

If the Quark MiNi AA is turned off for 2 seconds or longer, it will revert back to Low.

Selecting Special Outputs:

The Quark MiNi AA has 4 special output modes: Strobe, S.O.S., Beacon (High), and Beacon (Low). To access these modes, quickly switch through two full "cycles" of the regular outputs, starting with Low. These two full cycles must be completed within 3 seconds:

Low Medium High Low Medium High Special Outputs

You can continue to cycle through the special outputs in the following sequence:

Strobe S.O.S. Beacon (High) Beacon (Low)

After Beacon (Low) mode, the output reverts back to Regular Low. Both Beacon modes will first flash 5 times and then once every 10 seconds.

Weight with Batteries 1.5 oz
Weight without Batteries 0.6 oz
Length 3.1 in
Diameter 0.69 in
Bulb/Emmiter CREE XP-G R5 LED
Operating Voltage Range 0.9V - 1.5V
Battery AA
Battery Amount 1
Max/Min Output 90 lumens/2.7 lumens
Max/Min Runtime 60 hours (Low)/1.3 hours (High)
Modes Low, Medium, High, Strobe, Beacon (High), Beacon (Low), S.O.S.
Switch Twist Bezel
Color Black
Finish Type III Hard Anodized
Material Aluminum
Includes Quark MiNi AA, Lanyard, Split Keyring, Spare O-ring, AA Battery

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